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The string: THE big question for any self-respecting tennis player. Often compared to the soul of the racket, the choice of string is one of the most difficult choices to make about your tennis equipment. Monofilament or Multi-filament ? Is natural gut really cat gut? Too rigid, too soft, too loose ... There are so many questions about these few metres of string that we decided to give you as many responses as possible. Get your machines ready!

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Programme entraînement tennis

After a nice summer holiday, it’s good to get back to sport. Now is the time to hit the courts and get in shape for the new season... There’s nothing better than our coach’s training programme to be physically ready to play your best tennis...


Every player wanted to realise the perfect lob, but this shot is difficult that's why we propose you to improve your lob.

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Bien poser son grip

The puzzle of how to place a grip or overgrip is finally over! View this video to discover how to correctly install a grip or overgrip on your tennis racket. No more wasted time !


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