étude sur les pieds des enfants avec les ingénieurs artengo

is a child's foot simply a miniature version of an adult's?

Do your child's shoes fit them comfortably? Is your child able to tell you exactly how shoes feel when trying on different types? In order to provide your children with shoes specifically designed for their feet and which fit comfortably without causing any suffering, Decathlon and Artengo decided, for the first time, to conduct a close examination of the problems involved. Decathlon's Research and Development service and Artengo's design team have spent more than two years working on these issues, right through from the very first study to the final product going on sale in shops…

Your child's feet are precious and need to be as well protected as possible. However, children's feet are not completely the same as your own feet. This is why Décathlon decided to have its R&D team carry out research into the subject of the comfort provided by children's shoes.

The first thing the study looked at was how children generally feel in the shoes they wear on a daily basis. Over the course of a number of studies, children have indicated that certain shoes in this category are generally uncomfortable on the whole, and this can be the case no matter what the brand. Determined to get to grips with this problem, the R & D team began by carrying out a very in-depth study looking at the problematic aspects of children's shoes and what the real causes are.

In order to do this, 16 children ranging from 9 to 12 years in age were invited to participate. As well as all being regular tennis players (playing at least once per week), these test subjects were also in the habit of wearing various brands of footwear.

In order to collect as much information as possible, three different tests were carried out:

-    The children wore socks fitted with pressure sensors at eight precisely defined points. During the actual test, these socks provided data about the amount of pressure exerted on the foot inside the shoe.


-    The children's feet were scanned using hi-tech equipment at Décathlon's research labs.

The children's feet were scanned using hi-tech equipment at Décathlon's research labs.s

-    The children were required to try three different types of shoe, each with a different fitting volume.* The children then completed a simplified questionnaire asking them how the shoes felt on their feet, especially at the points where the pressure was measured.

These three tests provided a large amount of data, which has since been analysed. Finally, six months later, the new last** was created. This results in a shoe with a much better fitting volume and that is designed specifically and entirely for children's feet.

Last shoes children artengo decathlon


Definitive proof of the effectiveness of the new product was then acquired by testing it in actual use for a further period of six months. And finally, after deciding on the colours for the new product (which were chosen by a panel made up of both children and parents), the shoes arrived in Décathlon's stores.

As you can see, children's feet caused us some headaches and inspired us to do some creative footwork … No more children's shoes that are simply copy-and-paste versions of adults' shoes. Now, for the very first time, your child will have shoes that are designed to fit their feet perfectly: shoes designed especially for them and exclusively for them. The only thing left to choose is the colour!

*What does 'fitting volume' mean? The fitting volume is the volume of the shoe's interior. This is the space your foot occupies when inside the shoe. Fitting volume is central to how comfortable shoes feel.

**(Last: a mechanical form used when making a shoe and which plays a fundamental role in determining how comfortable the shoe will be, cf. photo)

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