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Choosing your tennis shoes is an important milestone in your journey as a player. However, finding shoes to suit your feet is not always easy and depends on different factors, but they will determine how freely you move on court and can prevent certain injuries. Comfort, drive or lightness? Follow the guide to choosing your badminton shoes !


Your shoe size is the first thing to think about when choosing. Select the same size you usually wear. There needs to be 1 cm between your toes and the end of the shoe for support to be optimal.


Comfort :

Comfort is the main factor brands work on. Indeed, the first feeling you get when you try the shoes on in a shop is how comfortable they are. So it's vital that they feel really comfortable. What factors make a shoe comfortable? 3 factors contribute: the upper and the material it's made from, the sole and the tongue.

  • The upper (the part enclosing the foot): for increased comfort, choose a 3D mesh upper (light and breathable fabric) with memory foam around the ankle bone.
  • The sole: the inner sole (or insole) should be quite thick and fit your heel shape well. The insole should be high-quality to ensure maximum comfort. Feel free to remove it from the shoe when you are trying on a pair to check the quality.
  • The tongue: choose a tongue made from soft, thick foam which will be gentle on your feet.

With these 3 factors, you will have a good impression of the comfort the shoes will provide. But trust above all in what you feel when you try them on!

Cushioning :

The second important element is cushioning! And yes, when you play, you really impact the ground hard with your heels. So your shoes must have excellent cushioning to prevent injuries and ensure optimum safety. Which factors contribute to good cushioning? Again, there are 3 contributing factors:

  • The midsole: choose an EVA foam sole offering cushioning and comfort.
  • The insole: it should be made of polyurethane (plastic component) and EVA (foam) for better durability and lightness.
  • Innovations: there are many innovations which optimise shoe cushioning, such as the DiaPad 3 (heel insert for increased and more durable cushioning) and the In’Up which boosts drive through the forefoot.By taking these factors into account, you will be able to find shoes with good cushioning, and which suit your needs above all.

Artengo meets your needs perfectly!

Artengo considers the specific requirements of tennis players as well as their morphology in order to meet player's needs. After the shoes are made, tests are carried out in France using panels of different players, from beginners to serious players. Some tests are even carried out blind to compare certain products to each other! This desire to meet players' specific needs as closely as possible is vital to the Artengo design team.

Resisting wear

Shoes which last and resist wear will be an extra asset to your on-court performance. Here are a few factors to take into account when checking how resistant to wear a shoe is. The following are all found on the outside of the shoe:

  • The upper: choose an upper with extra strong areas made from polyurethane (dense plastic component) at the forefoot and the toe. In tennis, there is actually always rubbing in these areas, especially when you serve and when you begin to run out of steam.
  • The outer sole: this should be made of different parts including extra strong areas around wear zones. It is always made of rubber, but there are different qualities available. At Artengo, you will find Rublast which is of superior quality and guarantees durability and resistance to wear.

The three elements, comfort, cushioning and resistance to wear, are all tested in the laboratory and then on court before and during design to ensure excellent product quality. Each element has its own test and a product can't be made if it doesn't do its job and thus doesn't meet the high standards of the design teams.

So, you now know all the factors to take into account when choosing your tennis shoes. Trust in what you feel when you try them on, then choose based on your needs and have a great next game! The Artengo team is available to answer any questions you may have: do get in touch!



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