échauffement tennis


Warming up your machinery is vital!

Quickly losing points? Getting annoyed and frustrated? Can’t get your stance right? That’s what happens when you fail to warm up before your tennis match. To avoid these types of frustrations, our coach Damien Caby proposes a warmup that will help you to be ready within minutes of starting your training or match.

The essential concept to remember is to gradually increase the amount of effort during your warmup: dedicate at least 15 to 20 minutes to your warmup and try to arrive on court with a light sweat.

3-stage warmup method:

General (10 minutes) 

Start with a gentle 10-minute jog to slowly increase your temperature and get the body prepared for the physical effort ahead. Rotate your arms back and forth while jogging to warm up your upper body as well.

Try skipping as an alternative to jogging, as this will help you work on your explosiveness.

Tennis specific (10 minutes)

Be methodical! Rapid and explosive sprints during your match will put a severe strain on your joints. When warming up the joints you must therefore start with your ankles and work your way right up to the neck. Here's a warmup from your ankles upwards.

- Ankle (one by one): toe to the ground, turn in one direction and then the other.
- Knees: feet together, put your hands on your knees and describe a circle. Repeat this sequence several times in one direction and then the other.
- Hips: let's work on your hula-hoop! Imagine you have a hoop around your hips and rotate your pelvis in one direction and then the other.
- Wrists: clasp your hands together, intertwine your fingers and gently rotate. Feel free to change direction regularly.
- Elbows: place your right hand on your left elbow. Lift your left forearm up and down about 10 times. Do the same with the other hand.

Now the joints are warmed up let's work on your body weight transfer. This will involve running back and forth over 15 metres, and carrying out movements similar to those on court:
- Knee lifts
- Heel flicks
- Leg sweeps
- Running with legs held out in front, toes pointed outwards
- Crossing sidesteps with opposite arm swings
- Crossover leg sweeps
- Flexing/extending.

And finally, cardio! To get your heart ready, you need to make sudden, irregular movements. 6 10-15 metre sprints will help you increase your heart rate and finally be ready for your match.

Cooling back down (5 minutes)

Take note! Everyone seems to think that you need to stretch your muscles after sudden movements. But you shouldn’t do this before the match! It is better to focus on loosening your joints.

 You're now ready to take on your opponent! Play on!

Programme entraînement tennis

After a nice summer holiday, it’s good to get back to sport. Now is the time to hit the courts and get in shape for the new season... There’s nothing better than our coach’s training programme to be physically ready to play your best tennis...