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The forehand is the most natural stroke in tennis. That upward movement of the arm when striking the ball is more or less innate. Although the forehand is most players' strongest stroke, not everyone has mastered the technique. We suggest you analyse the movement, grip and preparation to improve your forehand and turn it into a lethal weapon.

Turn your forehand into a lethal weapon

Use your forehand to strike that lethal blow! Every tennis player dreams of smashing a forehand winner across the court before punching the air in victory. But first you need to pay attention to your basic forehand technique. Without this, you won't be able to experience the excitement of striking that little yellow ball. 

In this video our partner coach Damien Caby and our technical partner Nicolas Escudé offer their advice to help you progress, iron out any flaws in your technique, and discover your weaknesses to pinpoint the best way to improve your forehand.

Nicolas Escudé: “Although the forehand is easy to learn, it is very difficult to change”

Points discussed in the video

1. Foot position when hitting the ball: different forehand stances
2. Forehand racket grip
3. Preparation and body weight transfer
4. Preparing your stroke, execution and follow-through

You now have the key to improving your forehand and making it a formidable weapon of your game.

Next step: work on your backhand or discover our 4 week training programme.

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