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A good choice of strings is not enough. You also need to find the correct tension so that the racquet is a true extension of your arm and physique. It should not, therefore, work against your physical capabilities and performance technique.

The string: THE big question for any self-respecting tennis player. Often compared to the soul of the racket, the choice of string is one of the most difficult choices to make about your tennis equipment. Monofilament or Multi-filament ? Is natural gut really cat gut? Too rigid, too soft, too loose ... There are so many questions about these few metres of string that we decided to give you as many responses as possible. Get your machines ready!

Bien les choisir les chaussures de tennis pour vos enfants !

Your child never stops and if there is one thing that must withstand their energy on the tennis court, it's their shoes! But what is the best shoe for them to play tennis in? Which one will be comfortable, and offer support and resistance on the court?

choisir ses balles de tennis

You should choose a ball according to certain criteria. The first one is your ability::

- Are you a beginner or occasional player?

- Are you a regular or intensive player ?