programme entrainement tennis

Training programme - Week 2 - Session 2

Net play technique

Main goal:
Improve your volleys (swing plane, footwork) and smashes
Secondary aim:
Service technique (power)

Main Session 1-hour:
10’ : Rallies within the service lines without hitting hard and without expanding the game. Keep control of the ball with your hands. All shots must be executed from a balanced, two-footed solid foundation.

10’ : Net play. Practise forehand cross-court volleys with your opponent on the baseline. Make sure you get back into the right position to hit a volley every time - arms away from the hips and racket head at eye level. Aim to hit the ball with the racket head above the level of the hand (diagonal racket). Push off on the right leg on impact. Play 3 deep volleys and then 1 short cross-court towards a target (cone, ball tube…). If you make too many mistakes then slow things down.

10’ : Same as the previous exercise on the other side: Practise backhand cross-court volleys with your opponent on the baseline.

10’ : Practise volley/smash. Hit 2 volleys then a smash towards a target (cone, ball tube…). 5 mins work per player.

10’ : Serve diagonally from either court. Concentrate on the beginning of your service motion (preparation) then throwing the elbow upwards and forwards. Give added speed to the racket head by coordinating with your leg drive. Hit the ball flat with the racket head further forward than your hand, almost at full stretch.

10’ : Open play. Play points beginning with a serve.

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Programme entraînement tennis

After a nice summer holiday, it’s good to get back to sport. Now is the time to hit the courts and get in shape for the new season... There’s nothing better than our coach’s training programme to be physically ready to play your best tennis...