Bien entretenir sa raquette de tennis


Have you ever seen a musician who doesn't tune their instrument? A mechanic who forgets to blow up the tyres? For your tennis racket to perform to its best potential, it needs to be properly cared for. Discover these tips on looking after your tennis racket

Looking after your tennis racket: a headache?

Changing your strings, grip and/or over grip, and even changing the grommet are all essential to maintaining your tennis racket. Even if you store your racket in an appropriate place, it is just as important.

Changing strings

Do you love tennis, play regularly, but don't tend to break your strings? That's great! But be aware that even if your strings don't break, they do wear down and lose their elasticity. Over time your original strings weaken considerably and may cause tennis elbow.

The strings are the part of your tennis racket that changes the most. Depending on where you store your tennis equipment, your strings may change their shape:
- Hot temperatures: racket frame becomes warped and strings loosen (considerable loss of tension)
Info: at 60° the racket frame becomes warped and explodes! If placed near a hot radiator or on the back seat of a car in full sunlight, the racket will become damaged beyond repair.

- Cold temperatures: string tension increases, which may cause strings to break earlier.
Tip: wipe your racket strings with a cloth before a cold weather match.

Why not use a racket bag with a thermobag pocket? This lets you store the racket at an ideal temperature, protect it against knocks and avoid exposure to extreme temperature variations. A perfect place to store the racket at home is in a moderately heated room between 15 and 20°.

Changing grip or overgrip

The racket's gripping ability is vital. That's why it's important to regularly change grip or overgrip. But gripping ability is not the only reason. When a grip/over grip is worn down it can quickly cause blisters. In extreme cases, the racket may slip out of your hands and break when it hits the ground (unless you own an Artengo racket...). To prevent accidents, and most importantly to avoid losing too many points, consider changing your grip!

Changing the grommet

Hang on, what's a grommet? Never heard of it? The grommet is the plastic part that protects the racket head. It's the part that helps your racket withstand the strain when you hit balls at floor level and strike the ground at the same time. If your grommet is in poor condition, change it, because the slightest impact could break your frame.
Tip: to make sure it lasts longer, why not place a self-adhesive protection tape over the grommet?

One extra tip: when deciding who serves first before the match, don't drop your racket on the ground. The microcracks caused by the impact may leave your tennis racket with lasting damage.

You now have all the best tips for looking after your racket. But no matter how much you love your racket, consider changing it. Unfortunately when it comes to racket maintenance, age is something we can't take care of!