Find out how we design our products…

Design is a mysterious world for most players (the general public) but Artengo has chosen to lay bare its secrets… Come on in and experience the Artengo Tech Centre...


Whether it's a ball or a shuttlecock, regardless of which racket sport we're talking, designing a projectile takes between one to two years of researching and developing technical solutions suited to all abilities and playing levels.
From listening to customers to finding just the right component, right through to the manufacturing stage, all projectiles are entrusted to the experts in the Artengo Tech Centre: product managers, engineers and designers. All products are rigorously monitored at all stages of their design so as to guarantee you the best possible value for money.

More than just an idea…

Creating a projectile is more than simply having an idea. It’s about fulfilling a specific need and, above all, defining a detailed set of specifications that will meet the various requirements laid down by international sports bodies. Accuracy, detail, patience, rigour and exacting standards all form part of this combination of constraints and skills.

Composition of a tennis ball

Artengo TB 920


  •  4 balls

  • Pression

  • 66,5 mm

  • 57,7 gr


How is it made ?

Watch the video to find out how we make our shuttlecocks and tennis balls…

Other types of sharing…

The Artengo Tech Centre is more than just a series of stages. It's also a platform for ongoing discussions between customers, players and the brand. The product is submitted for approval via an "on the ground" test where the player (whether pro or amateur) rates its performance. At the same time, our experts conduct lab tests to verify that the product complies with all technical requirements as well as the specifications.


Certification, approval, production...

Production can only start up once all laboratory and field tests have been completed satisfactorily and all certifications have been awarded.
Our international production teams can then monitor and control the quality of each manufacturing stage for our projectiles so as to provide you with the best possible products.

Our door is always open…

Every day, the Artengo Tech Centre teams work tirelessly to design products that meet the needs of players. The brand is constantly innovating and developing racket sports, making them more accessible to even more people, by producing products that offer unbeatable value for money.

Moselle Open partner tournament

Also the tournament’s clothing and stringing partner, ARTENGO wasn’t content to supply its TB920 balls without showing how they’re made. Take a look at these pictures to find out more!


“Take a trip inside the ball”