Design is a mysterious world for most players (the general public) but Artengo has chosen to lay bare its secrets… Come on in and experience the Artengo Tech Center...

New technologies

Artengo basketball shoes feature three new technologies that combine comfort with performance.



User Test :

The shoes are tested by a panel made up of around twenty players. Each tester blind tests the shoes in a random order, so as to avoid being influenced by the brand or design, etc. The tester puts the shoes through their paces either in store or on a court, and gives an overall rating for comfort that takes into account the concepts of size (does the length/width of the shoe fit my foot?) and comfort (does the shoe have adequate cushioning - i.e. is it too hard or too soft?).


Lab Tests :

Cushioning test

Intense, regular tennis playing can subject your feet to a considerable number of ground impacts, the force of which can represent up to five times the weight of your body. Such repeated impacts can damage the muscles and joints. Shoes are tested on an impact testing machine, by dropping a hammer onto the rear section of the shoe’s sole. The force and energy transmitted by the hammer to the shoe correspond to the impact on the foot when you shift your weight, pull up quickly or land from a jump. We measure the speed at which the force increases on impact, which corresponds to the force of the impact on the shoe, enabling us to estimate the potential damage caused to the player's anatomy (joints, bones, etc.). The slower the speed at which the force increases, the greater the shock absorption.

Stress tests

Shoes are tested on a special machine designed to assess their durability in the main wear-and-tear areas: the sole, above the toes, and inside the shoe. The force applied to the shoes corresponds to that observed in real tennis matches, and is carried out using a sheet of sandpaper, over a number of cycles. The greater the number of cycles during which the shoe remains undamaged, the longer it will last when playing tennis. The test is halted as soon as the sole or upper becomes perforated. The results obtained provide a reliable and repeatable method for estimating the life span of each shoe.


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